Amos Hill Associates, Inc. although formally originating in 1982, has its ancestry in the early 1900’s. Amos Lumber Company and Hill Brothers Veneer Company were both formed as independent companies in the early part of the last century. In 1975, the two companies were purchased by Hammermill Paper Company to form Amos-Hill Veneer and Lumber Company. In 1981, Hammermill decided to close the operations and idle both facilities.


Prior to closing, an arrangement was made by several local employees to purchase the equiptment and the finished goods inventory. This group of entrepreneurs were the founders of what is known today as Amos Hill Associates, Inc.


The new company opened operations in October 1982 with thirteen employees. At present, the Company continues to flourish and has grown to an employment level of 155 people. Today, Amos Hill is a wholly owned subsidiary of a German Company, Koppensteiner Veneer. Led by Ms. Susanne Renner, Koppensteiner Veneer continues to assist Amos Hill’s growth in the export markets with our world-wide marketing program. Currently 70% of our production is exported outside the U.S. Our veneer is sold into furniture, door, panel, plywood, and cabinet markets throughout the world.


Our equiptment is currently at or near cutting edge technology. Our philosophy of “Quality is the Lifeblood of our Business” and our dedication to producing the highest possible quality is what sets us apart from our competitors. Our rich heritage combines with continual investment in technological advances, flexibility, customer service, and accountability for mutual benefits separates our veneer for distinctive look and appeal. Critical attention to detail and quality control insures the beauty and viability of our veneers. Even though our competitors use much of the same raw materials, machinery and processes, Amos Hill Associates provide a better looking, higher quality finished product.