We are environmentally sound and socially conscious in what we do:

  • Our process is completely natural – no chemicals are needed or used.
  • 100% of the tree is used with bark processed into mulch, while other scrap is used for fuel in the wood-fired boiler to provide steam to run the plant.
  • Backing boards, which are the remaining piece of the flitch / log after slicing, are sold for flooring components.
  • In addition to our strict on sight policies, we promote “Best Management Practices” with our log producers and suppliers to insure there are no negative environmental impacts from our logging activities.
  • Amos Hill supports groups such as the Hardwood Forestry Fund who has planted more than four million trees in public forest lands throughout the United States.
  • Amos Hill has recently completed a Power Factor Correction project on our major HP motors to become more efficient in elctricity usage.
  • We have replaced our overhead lighting with high energy efficient units producing more light with less energy.
  • We have finished a complete overhaul of our wood fired boiler to increase its energy effiiciency and to reduce emissions.
  • We have combined efforts with the Town of Edinburgh to remove a building structure to increase safety of travel on state highway 252.
  • We participate in recylcing our packaging materials and other used supplies as part of our socially conscious efforts to be good environmental stewards and to set an example for others to follow.
  • We perdiodically entertain groups and organizations (schools, FFA, 4H, …), educating them and giving a tour of the facility, promoting the sound environmental practices of Amos Hill and the wood products industry of Indiana.